Just like humans, animals can get illnesses that require long term management. Some of these can include diseases of the thyroid, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Veterinary medicine has made great strides in learning to manage animals with these diseases and our veterinarian is ready to help you manage your pet to provide the best possible care and comfort. Many times there are very simple things that can be done to improve your pet’s quality of life.

In house bloodwork allows us to quickly assess critical patients without having to wait for an outside lab. With our equipment we can have a general overview of all of the major organ systems (liver, kidneys, etc.) including white blood cell count, tests for anemia, and urinalysis within 30 minutes of presentation. This allows us to treat critical animals is a timely and targeted manner. We can also perform screening bloodwork on the morning of surgery to ensure that it is safe for your pet to undergo the procedure.

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